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Flora Folium uses sun-grown, organic cannabis from its micro-scale farm, along with the highest quality ingredients to craft products that provide natural pain relief.

Flora Folium, in conjunction with Sweet Creek Farm, is a fully integrative cannabis company, from seed to salve. From sprouting the seed and tending to the soil, to harvesting and extracting, all the way to sourcing ingredients and manufacturing, Flora Folium takes expert care with each step of the process. We can guarantee products that are safe and effective.



We grow all of our plants “our girls” as we fondly call them at our family-owned and operated farm in Sonoma County California. For the past seven years we have sun-grown medicine for our cooperative partners and patients as well as grown a variety of fruits and vegetables for ourselves. We believe our products are infused with our unique terroir and are excited to share the magic healing benefits of our amazing plants.


We couple Cannabis with these other organic herbs to enhance the healing effects of our Herbal Salve. Terpenes, Arnica, Tumeric and Ginger, Boswellia Serrata, Myrrh Gum. Devils Claw, Corydalis, White Willow, and Chili.


Our current product is our Herbal Salve. This salve is crafted to let CBD and healing herbs penetrate into your skin to relieve joint and muscle pain. We process our sun-grown cannabis using cutting-edge technology to allowing it to alleviate pain without any psychoactive effects.


For the majority of the work, Flora Folium is run by us Kila (right) and Keala (Left). Feel free to ask us about anything: our plants, our vision, or how we can get our products to you.